Accelerate your genomics career with Wellcome Connecting Science in 2024

Our 2024 events programme is now live! 

2024 global highlights 

We have a stellar line-up of events to support your career – whether you are focused on discovery research, clinical research, healthcare practice, or all these things.


February 2024 Microbiome Interaction in Health and Disease conference (14-16 February)
March 2024 Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens course – Africa (9-14 March)

Antimicrobial Resistance – Genome, Big Data and Emerging Tools conference (13-15 March)

Mitochondrial Medicine – Therapeutic Development conference (18-20 March)

Genomics of Rare Disease conference (25-27 March)

April 2024 Computational Systems Biology for Complex Human Disease course (21-26 April)

CRISPR and Beyond: Perturbations at Scale to Understand Genomes conference (22-24 April)

May 2024 Cancer Evolution: From Genome to Ecology conference (8-10 May)

Low Input Epigenomics course (10-17 May)

Viral Genomics and Bioinformatics course – Asia (12-18 May 2024)

Computational Molecular Evolution course (18-29 May)

Human Immunology – Genes and Environment conference (22-24 May)

June 2024 Fungal Pathogen Genomics course (2-7 June)

Ancient Biomolecules of Plants, Animals, and Microbes conference (3-5 June)

Single Cell Biology conference (10-12 June)

July 2024 How to Teach Genomics: A Workshop for Nursing and Midwifery Educators (8-11 July)
September 2024 Organoids: Advances and Applications conference (9-11 September)
October 2024 Synthetic Biology for Health and Sustainability conference (21-23 October)
November 2024 Virus Genomics, Evolution and Genomics 2024 conference (6-8 November)

Genome Informatics (13-15 November)

A range of Wellcome Connecting Science global training activities, taking place in a variety of training hubs across the world.

Some of the topics covered by our 2024 programme include:

  • Microbiology
  • Pathogen surveillance
  • Fungal pathogens
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Mitochondrial medicine
  • CRISPR gene editing
  • Cancer ecology
  • Biomolecules of ancient organisms
  • Epigenomics approaches for chromatin biology
  • Viral genomics and bioinformatics
  • Computational molecular evolution.

We disseminate knowledge and training online and in-person, globally. Join us for one of our 60 genomics-focused events, available across a range of accessible platforms:

  • Conferences for knowledge exchange and networking;
  • Training courses for advanced skills development and building knowledge communities;
  • Online learning to build core knowledge and skills capacity.

Scientific conferences 

Scientists participating at Wellcome Connecting Science conferences, at Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, UK.


Our UK-based conferences programme will introduce you to new and innovative research to inform your own project(s), and provide you with the opportunity to present your research and gain feedback from experts in the field.

Join globally leading scientists to:

  • Present your own research on a global stage;
  • Meet the scientists behind the papers you have read;
  • Discuss, in -depth, the latest science in your field
  • Hear a diversity of research from across the globe;
  • Strengthen your understanding of the genomics tools and approaches shaping the future for further ground-breaking research;
  • Meet and network with globally leading scientists and multidisciplinary peers;
  • Make personal connections and find collaborators to support new research.

Training courses 

If you are in need of hands-on training in the technical aspects of genomics applications, our courses – whether held inside or outside the UK – will enable you to:

  • Master the newest laboratory and computational approaches, and open access software tools;
  • Learn effective application through real-world scenarios and case studies, tailored to a regional focus;
  • Join a community of practice for continued learning and support beyond a single training course.

Practical training in areas such as the application of genomics in clinical microbiology or a clinical virology context will all be covered by our 2024 course offer.

Join our community and benefit like Dr Polly Yap 

Polly Yap in a training laboratory
Dr Polly Yap in a training hub at Monash University, Malaysia

Alumni: Dr Polly Yap, Postdoctural Research Fellow, Monash University, Malaysia

Participant on: Wellcome Connecting Science Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogen course, held in Bangkok in February 2023.

Click to read about Polly’s experience on the 2023 course. 


This is a zenith in my budding, early-stage researcher career. Wellcome Connecting Science, connecting the dots, connecting people!

 Dr Polly Yap, Postdoctural Research Fellow, Monash University, Malaysia

Join our global communities of practice 

All our events foster communities of practice, which you automatically become a part of as a participant at one of our courses or conferences. These communities are home to like-minded peers, with whom you can continue the dialogue after the training has ended. At Connecting Science we are not simply focused on the event, instead we nurture learning environments that provide sustained mentorship and knowledge exchange.

If you are a PhD student, researcher, clinician, or healthcare professional, working in genomics and looking for additional training and education opportunities, or a platform to discuss the latest developments in your field, complete the form below to receive FREE information on:

  • Opportunities to discuss the latest developments in your scientific field;
  • Opportunities to present your own research on a global stage;
  • Training in the latest genomics tools and techniques;
  • Funding schemes to support your next learning or training opportunity;
  • Resources to support your genomics career;
  • Opportunities to join our many global communities of practice.

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