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Maximise reach and engagement for your brand at a Wellcome Connecting Science conference 

The Wellcome Connecting Science Learning and Training team develop and deliver training courses, conferences and other events (in-person and online) focusing on genomics in research and healthcare.

Why Support a Wellcome Connecting Science conference?

Partnering your business with a scientific conference is the key to gaining access to the notoriously challenging world of research and innovation. Reaching busy scientists and healthcare professionals to form engaging relationships is almost impossible, unless you are directly involved in the live interactions taking place within this fast-paced field.

Partnering with a Wellcome Connecting Science conference offers a unique opportunity to place your business at the centre of these interactions within multidisciplinary scientific, academic and research communities.


Our conferences programme brings together scientific communities from a wide variety of research and clinical backgrounds, including healthcare professionals working on the frontline of genetic service delivery.


The small and intimate nature of our conferences enables sponsors to easily connect and network with leading scientists and clinicians. Whilst we may not host the biggest meetings, we foster the best environment for exchange, brand profile raising, and the development of valuable relationships.

Find the connections you need to grow your business by interacting with our professional audiences, including: global experts, key decision makers, high-profile thought-leaders, and rising talent.

Diverse range of opportunities 

We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities, including both in-person exhibitor and digital options, to suit all budgets. Contact us to find our more.


Our target rich environments enable you to interact with your key audiences in the comfort zone of their scientific community; making it easier to for to approach, connect, and start conversations with people.

Pioneering science

Be associated with the latest scientific hot-topics and research before anyone else. Align your brand with pioneering scientific advancement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our events programme is designed around research directly linked to the impact on global human health; in supporting one of our conferences you are also supporting wider global health initiatives.

All funds are invested straight back into our diverse scientific programme, supporting the careers of current and future scientific experts.

Our conferencing programme is delivered in hybrid format, offering delegates the opportunity to join us at our stunning Hinxton Hall Conference Centre venue, on the Wellcome Genome Campus, near the city of Cambridge, or to participate online via our online conference portal.

For more information about sponsoring a conference, or to enquire about our sponsorship packages, please contact us below:

Email: sponsorship@wellcomeconnectingscience.org

Please note that sponsorship opportunities are not offered for our courses.

Media Partnerships

Please be aware that Wellcome Connecting Science is unable to enter into any form of media partnership in support of our learning and training events.

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