Health and Wellbeing Guidelines

Supporting you to stay healthy and safe on our Campus

Wellcome Connecting Science prioritises the health and wellbeing of all our visitors and event attendees. We maintain a steadfast commitment to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

On Campus, we have qualified first aid and mental health personnel, a private space for individuals seeking respite, and our catering services are designed to accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements. Hand sanitizer and face covering are also available at our registration desks upon request.

In the collective interest of maintaining a healthy community, we kindly request all attendees to our Campus to promptly notify us if you experience any feelings of illness or exhibit symptoms indicative of influenza or Covid-19. In instances of mild symptoms, we may be able to explore the possibility of facilitating virtual participation  Рwhere it is safe to offer this as an alternative.

Your co-operation in upholding these health measures is greatly appreciated, and ensures all our activities can continue to support our many scientific communities, without interruption. We reserve the right – at any time – to refuse entry to an event, if we believe other people will be placed at risk.


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