Your Digital Mentor Podcast Mid-Season Update

Inspiring Mentoring and Research Culture Globally. By Isabela Malta

At the beginning of August, a collaboration between the Wellcome Sanger InstituteWellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences (ACSC) and Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health (SESH), led to the launch of a global podcast series that aims to kickstart the conversation around mentoring and other aspects of research culture.

The first episode covered the roles of a mentor, mentee and institutions. The guests shared their experiences in establishing and implementing mentorship programmes. Grace Mwaura coordinates the African Academy of Sciences mentorship scheme. Andres Lescano leads the Emerging Diseases and Climate Change Unit and Epidemiology Masters’ and Doctoral programs at Cayetano University in Peru. Image credit: Christine Boinett

Your Digital Mentor Podcast has now had over 800 downloads, across 6 continents, 47 countries. A significant number of downloads in non-English-speaking countries like Brazil, Peru and Mexico, which have 19% of the total downloads. In Africa, the biggest number of downloads are in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa, which have combined 14% of the total audience.

The podcast is reaching audiences globally. Image credit: Simplecast

There have been 6 episodes released covering a range of topics, from Establishing and Maintaining a Mentor Relationship, to Imposter and Burn-out syndromes, that commonly affect researchers.

In the Imposter Syndrome episode, Seun Ogundele and Daniela Robles talk about what can lead to this feeling of self-doubt, and share tips of how to overcome it. Image credit: Christine Boinett

The upcoming episodes include Power of Networking, Equality & Diversity in Science, Women  Leadership  in STEM, Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication, Decolonising Global Health and a bonus COVID-19 episode.

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Wellcome’s Beth Thompson is interviewed in episode 6 to talk about Burn-Out Syndrome. Image credit: Christine Boinett.
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