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Connecting a global life science community - reaching over 10,000 listeners, from across 108 countries 

Your Digital Mentor Podcast closed its second season on a high – reaching more than 10,000 listeners, across 108 countries!

Mentorship is increasingly recognised as a cornerstone of scientific learning and training; enabling early career researchers to: strengthen skills; understand career pathways; identify development areas; make strong connections; and, overcome a variety of career challenges.

Recognising the value and utility of great mentorship is essential, however, the greater challenge exists around access to mentorship programmes – a common issue – it seems, wherever scientists are based across the world.

Your Digital Mentor Podcast was conceived to share mentorship and career development advice, globally.

Figure 1 demonstrating the international demand for good quality mentorship.


Map demonstrating 10,000 listeners across 108 countries for all continents

Listeners have joined from all continents!

Season one explored topics around building mentorship relationships, dealing with challenges faced by many scientists, such as imposter syndrome and burnout, and addressing diversity and inclusion within research culture.

Season two episodes focused on a “skills lab” addressing topics including: communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, and presenting with impact.

Drawing on the experiences of experts and authorities on these topics, listeners can draw strength from common narratives that provide validation, and find inspiration from which to build success – wherever they might be based in the world.

Now returning for a third season, we look forward to bringing our valued listener network more opportunity to reap the benefits of mentorship.

You can listen to Your Digital Mentor Podcast on your preferred podcast app, including Apply Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Simplecast and YouTube.

Hear more about Your Digital Mentor Podcast from the trailer for series one: 

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