Genetic counselling and the communication of genetics in medicine

Video resources from the 2021 World Congress on Genetic Counselling 

Communicating the meaning and impact of genomic sequencing technology for people, is just as important as the technological advances themselves. Understanding how genomic information ‘makes sense’ for individuals, families and wider society benefits from empirical genetic counselling research. The World Congress on Genetic Counselling held in October 2021 (the third in the series) provided a forum that facilitated active engagement between international researchers and practitioners to explore the evidence that guides genetic counselling and the communication of genetics in medicine.

Photo showing the four members of the World Congress committee

Genetic counselling in an emerging profession in many countries around the world, so we were impressed to be joined by over 1,400 genetic counsellors and nurses from 63 countries – and many time zones – for this virtual conference. Some creativity with the timing of the sessions enabled this international group to attend two sessions each day, within their own working hours, and then catch up on a third “on demand” session the following day.

The programme explored what is at the heart of genetic counselling; focusing on professional and leadership issues in genetic counselling, including cross-cultural counselling and techniques for reaching traditionally underserved populations.


Watch the sessions from this leading conference below! 

Keynote: We Were Just People - The Evolution of Genetic Counselling in the UK 

Session 1: Evolution of the genetic counselling profession around the world

Session 2: Panel discussion - Futuristic genetic counselling - working as part of MDTs/mainstreaming/evolving diagnostics

Session 3: Researching the boundaries of genetic counselling

Session 4: Genetic counselling in a patriarchal society

Session 5: Genetic counsellors and communication

Session 6: Panel discussion - use of counselling supervision

Session 7: Leaders in genetic counselling: case studies and stories of leadership

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