CRISPR and Beyond: new technologies to shape basic science and genomic medicine for the future.

Read more about CRISPR technologies, and the networking and collaboration opportunities available at the virtual CRISPR and Beyond 2020 conference

For almost a decade CRISPR has dominated discussion within scientific communities. Once a theme reserved only for science fiction, it’s fast becoming a reality as a viable biotech solution to many genetic challenges facing the future of healthcare.

Black holes and revelations

Thanks to large-scale genome sequencing, we now have deep catalogues of natural and disease-related human genetic variation. However, a lack of understanding around the function of a vast majority of the detected variants is delaying the progress to enable us to answer long-standing (in some cases urgent) important questions about human health.

CRISPR Opportunities: The key to unlocking greater understanding

Significant advances in CRISPR technologies now make it possible to integrate such gene editing power with single-cell sequencing methods. A formidable combination between data visualisation and analysis that sets a new precedent for studying and interpreting thousands of cells at once to draw detailed conclusions.

Thanks to this we are now closer than ever to laying the foundations for precision medicine, with many opportunities for organisations working in genome targeting and novel drug development.

It is an incredibly exciting time to work in biomedical science. We can now systematically knock out every gene in the genome or mutate every DNA base in disease-causing genes, and couple this with novel rich readouts from cells and organisms to understand how changes in DNA lead to disease. Our conference will cover the technologies that enable these approaches, and showcase their applications in basic research, medicine, and drug development.

Dr Leopold Parts, Group Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute

These pioneering technologies will be a core topic for the forthcoming CRISPR and Beyond: Perturbations at Scale to Understand Genomes conference, being hosted virtually for the first time in September, as part of the Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences Programme (ACSC)

At the cutting-edge of genome engineering, new technologies will underpin all central themes of the meeting including; understanding the impact of coding variants, gene editing and disease, single cell approaches, and drug function in diseases, and interactions with genes, drugs and environment.

Abstracts on any of the main themes mentioned above are welcomed for virtual posters and short talk presentations. Submission close on 21 July, and all poster presenters will have the opportunity to upload a short video describing their work.

You can download a copy of the CRISPR 2020 Draft Programme (Virtual) for full details.

The conference will bring together biomedical researchers working on high throughput screening, genome engineering, and variant effect interpretation; they will be joined by professional delegates working in R&D, biotech, pharma, and academia to take part in an engaging few days of virtual knowledge exchange.

Opportunities for online dicussion and networking will play a pivotal role in bringing diverse communities together to share pespectives, identify shared challenges and opportunities, and build new understanding and collaboration.

Registration for this conferences closes on 14 September.

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