The Global Genomics Nursing Alliance Retreat - to Accelerate Integration of Genomics into Everyday Professional Practice

23–25 January 2017

Wellcome Genome Campus, UK


Nurses are the largest single healthcare profession in the world. And yet, despite their numbers, policy makers will often turn to medics for leadership and direction about changes to healthcare practice. Genomics has not been systematically incorporated into nursing teaching curricula, and there have been no significant changes in nursing practice that bring genomics into day-to-day care. This retreat was organised to help address this problem.

The retreat brought key leaders in the nursing profession from across the world together to:

  1. Establish the Global Genomics Nursing (G2N) Alliance for knowledge mobilisation and action around developments in nursing and genomic healthcare, sharing ideas, expertise, and resources.
  2. Create a G2N Roadmap that lays out how to integrate genomics into nursing education, practice and research. This will benchmark progress between nursing communities, recognising real-world constraints and enablers.
  3. Agree and prioritise collaborative efforts needed to realise each dimension of the G2N Roadmap.
    The Retreat generated considerable social capital to accelerate change across nursing communities, providing the impetus to improve nursing genomic health literacy, particularly where progress is slow and inconsistent, and reduce duplication of effort and burden on any one country. It is vital that this capital is harnessed and international, interdisciplinary collaboration and support is critical to success.

To follow progress since the retreat, see:

Scientific committee

Scientific programme committee

Maggie Kirk
University of South Wales, UK

Caroline Benjamin
Unviersty of Central Lancashire UK

Anna Middleton
Wellcome Genome Campus Society and Ethics Research

Emma Tonkins
University of South Wales, UK

Laurie Badzek
University of North Carolina, USA

Kathleen Calzone

Marina McDonald
University of South Wales, UK

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