From Biodata to Digital Medicine: Developing Data-Driven Innovations (cancelled)

18–20 January 2021

Wellcome Genome Campus, UK

Identify and develop evidence-based interventions that benefit patients


Where we once had to trawl through reams of paper, medical data can now be processed in seconds. Results from genomic sequencing or health trends from big data sets in populations can be analysed by algorithms and supercomputers, and harnessed by humans. Pattern recognition and machine learning enables diagnosis in a growing array of disease areas. Some diseases can be treated with a digital intervention.

This workshop will focus on how to identify and develop opportunities in digital medicine emerging at the interface of biodata and technology.  It is aimed at professionals involved in the translation of early-stage technologies who want to further their knowledge on how to develop innovation into regulated healthcare products and services.

The workshop will bring together attendees and experts to discuss and share practical advice on developing opportunities in digital medicine.

For example we will address questions such as:

  • What kind of models are emerging to generate value from patient data and other biodata in the digital medicine space?
  • What are the partnering opportunities in digital medicine for academia, SME, pharma and biotech powered by biodata?
  • How to navigate and manage the path for impact in digital health?
  • What is the current regulatory environment for developing digital medicine products and how does this affect commercial pathways?
  • How do you ensure the patient is at the centre of a new digital medicine product or service?

We have invited prominent entrepreneurs, investors and business development professionals in this field to lead this interactive workshop. We also encourage participants to bring their own challenges for discussion with the group.

Who should attend?
If you are working as a business development manager, a technology transfer professional, investment analyst, innovation funder, or you are an entrepreneur or an academic researcher involved in digital medicine or digital health; this workshop is for you.

Learning outcomes

Participants in this 3-day event will acquire knowledge and skills which will help them recognise and develop early-stage opportunities in the field of digital medicine.

After this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Define an opportunity in digital medicine and position it in the wider digital health context
  • Map a development path for a product or project
  • Select validation strategies that match their market and regulatory strategy
  • Navigate the regulatory environment that frames the implementation of digital medicine tools (therapeutics and diagnostics) in the clinic
  • Plan a path that put users, patients and clinical adoption at the core of development
  • Define a funding strategy and articulate how they will create value
  • Consider a variety of business models and partnerships around biodata and information
  • Build a network of engaged professionals for further advice and sharing best practice


The workshop will start at ~1pm on 18 January and finish at ~5.30pm on 20 January 2021. All times are given in GMT. See the time where you are here.

Topics will include:

  • Exploring the digital medicine landscape
  • From biodata to therapeutic intervention – patient and user perspectives
  • Developing a digital medicine product
    • — Partnering with pharma
    • — Route to market, regulation and reimbursement
    • — Adoption: putting the user at the core of development
  • What is the role (and value) of biodata?
  • Developing a funding strategy – the investor perspective

This will be an intensive and interactive workshop. We also encourage participants to bring their own challenges in digital medicine for discussion with the group.

Instructors and speakers

Scientific programme committee

Emmanuelle Astoul
TranSINE Therapeutics, UK

Joanna Mills
Wellcome Genome Campus, UK

Ross Rounsevell
Sano Genetics, UK

Jessica Shull
Digital Therapeutics Alliance

 Confirmed speakers

Johannes Ammann – Roche, France
Sebastian Anastassiou – Nina Capital, Spain
Ciara Clancy – Beats Medical, Ireland
Inga Deakin – Draper Esprit, UK
Rachel de Sain – Codesain, Australia
Charlotte Lee –  Big Health, UK
Sofia Nordgren – Devicia, Sweden
Irene Patzak – Closed Loop Medicine, UK
Francis Rowland – SIGMA, UK
Patrick Short – Sano Genetics, UK
Lauri Sippola – Kaiku Health,  Sweden
John Wilbanks – Sage Bionetworks, USA

How to apply

This workshop is suitable for business development managers, a technology transfer professionals, investment analysts, innovation funders, or an academic researchers involved in digital medicine or digital health, and/or the translation of early-stage technologies.

How to Register
Please complete the online form outlining your experience in digital medicine and/or the translation of early-stage technologies. Places are limited. If you have any problems with the online process, please contact us.



Virtual course Cost
Course fee* £150

*The virtual registration package includes: Access to all live-streamed sessions (including online networking channels), as well as access to all sessions ‘on-demand’ for four weeks after the event.

* To increase the international diversity of attendees at our meetings, we offer bursaries for delegates from Lower and Middle Income Countries (see list of countries here). If you would like to apply for a bursary, please contact the conference organiser. You will be asked to submit a CV and a letter stating financial need.

Bursary deadline: 14 December 2020




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